Data Quality

One of our roles as your Registrar is to support Nominet's policy on Data Quality. Download here.

Accordingly, we will proactively take steps in order to allow us confirm to Nominet that registration data is valid. (This page documents the processes involved, as per section E.1.4 of our Registrar Agreement with Nominet.)

If we find that your registration data appear to be invalid or incomplete, we may

  • confirm that the data are reliable based on our own knowledge or information from a trustworthy third party source

Such sources may include company data such as, or credit reference agencies.

  • contact you and ask you to provide corrected data;
  • request documentary evidence showing the data is reliable

(such as a passport or identity document issued by an EU Member State for ID verifucation and/or utility bill for address verification).

See also other examples of sources we may use.

If we find we are unable to validate the data, we will tell you.

If, we are not able to validate the date within 30 days we would normally suspend the domain(s) affected.

Please note that, in addition, we can use proprietary data quality technology to ensure that addresses for certain countries and territories conform to the expected format for the country concerned.

Those countries/territories are

  • the Bailiwick of Guernsey (GY postcodes)
  • the Bailiwick of Jersey (JE postcodes)
  • the Isle of Man (IM postcodes
  • the UK, including NI (all other GB postcodes)
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Norway

Accordingly any address shown in the WHOIS may not correspond exactly to the address you supplied us with.

If you think that there is an error in your data, you should contact us ASAP.

We also review all our .UK domains periodically and validate data manually based on information within our direct knowledge. Our resellers have an obligation to do the same which we will proactively assist, upon a request from the reseller concered.